Cowgirl SheZow
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SheZow of the West
Name Cowgirl SheZow
Sex Female
Age N/A (Deceased)
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Super-Heroine
Relatives Guy Hamdon
Kelly Hamdon
Agnes Monroe
Droosha Hamdon
Boxter Hamdon
Flora Hamdon
Roman SheZow
Introduced in Family Tree, episode 12
Voiced by Elizabeth Nabben
Cowgirl SheZow is one Guy's distant aunts and the SheZow of the Wild West, greeting the two (Guy and Maz) with a "Sheeehaww!" and the surprise of seeing a great niece in person. Happily letting the two aware of what direction their foe had decided to take before leaving with simply kind gesture.


Cowgirl SheZow's appearance consists of (under the condition/reason Cowgirl SheZow's color scheme is unknown, everything will be placed under the way they appear);

  • A large, ten gallon cowboy hat. With a slight wrap of cheetah print fabric wrapped around the base of the hat. Allowing the "S" symbol to sit on top of it's folds.
  • Light ebony, gradient tinted hair. Similiar to the style of both Droosha and 1920s SheZow.
  • A long sleeve sweater, overlapped by a tasseled vest on the abdomen. And a pair of slightly folded, pointed gloves ending at the middle of the lower arm.
  • A tassled vest, with the collar in the print of a cheetah pattern. With a small, SheZow symbol star badge on her left breast.
  • The SheZow Beautility Belt, in a slightly different style than the modern beautility belt.
  • A tassled skirt, with the print of the cheetah pattern near the bottom, with a small "s" symbol in the thread; the beginning of the tassels.
  • A pair of black, pointed-toe, high heeled boots. Ending right at the beginning of the knees.
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Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Whips: Wielded at the side of each of her hips, these long, leather tools, these allow SheZow to ensnare enemy weapons or lasso an opponent.


  • Cowgirl SheZow appears to have the same face structure as Droosha and Sheanderthal.
  • When at first appearance, the shehicle take form of a horse.
  • When Cowgirl SheZow changes out of her heroine costume, she appears to be a bearded lady; making the statement "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a trim!"