Count Pussenbite
Name Count Pussenbite
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Cat
Occupation Video game Character
Former Villain
Introduced in Vampire Cats in Zombie Town, episode 44
Voiced by N/A

Count Pussenbite is the main villain in the video game- Vampire Cats In Zombie Town that Guy accidentally released into Megadale with his raging video game fit after losing. 

Count pussenbite seems to be the leader of the zombie cats that attack SheZow when he trespasses on their territory.


Pussenbite's appearance consists of;

  • White fur; covering most of his body other than the hair on the top of his head.
  • Large fangs protruding from the canines in his mouth.
  • A large body type, mostly seen on lazy cats similiar to Garfield's.
  • A small little top of a tuxedo, to symbolize a well dressed vampire. Consisting of the accessories of a cape (coat) with a large collar stopping before the ears, a large, red bowtie, and a small white dress shirt.
  • Well groomed, and brushed back ebony hair.