Cold Finger's Mother
Name Cold Finger's Mother
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Species Human

Anthropomorphic Ice

Occupation Mother
Relatives Cold Finger (Character)
Introduced in Snow Way, Dude!
 The big, "cold" hearted baddie herself who goes unnamed is formally know as the mother of the former villain Cold Finger. Introduced in the episode; Snow Way, Dude! she was shown to stand up to her son after he had locked Megadale away in a large, overbaring dome, walking over as her son "gloated" about locking SheZow away in a large snowglobe; similar, yet bigger than the one he had been trapped in by the superheroine.


Cold Finger's mother's appearance consists of;

  • Icicle hair; shaven and formed into a pin-up styled do, with curls over her forehead and waved at shoulder length. Overlapped by a blue cloth tied in a turquoise bow on the tip of the cloth.
  • A button up, short sleeve navy blue shirt decorated with a white collar and tucked neatly into the dark midnight blue skirt.
  • A midnight blue skirt; ending at the length oass the calves but right above the ankles.
  • Frost bite blue skin, similar to her son's.
  • Flip flops (or sandals.) in a similar shade to her top.
  • A decorative, silver pendant resting between her collar bone.


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