Chipadillas trans
A bag of Chipadillas
Name Chipadilla
Type Spicy Chips
Introduced in Cold Finger

 Chipadillas are a spicy bag of chips that Guy and Maz appear to have a slight addiction to. Being somewhat similiar to the original brand:Doritos .


Chipadillas appear to be shown in a large (medium, and/ or small.) bright, yellowish-orange bag. Painted with a a large yellow flame near the bottom of the bag reading: Spicy Hot Chipadillas in a white, somewhat spanish font. With a small, green jalepeno pepper underneath it. Along with a large, sun like pattern on the top of the bag, most likely reading off the company name. 


  • In the episode Cold finger; Guy and Maz both have appeared to have won a contest for ButtWipe. Earning themselves a life time supply of the triangular chips.
  • In  the episode Facsimilady; Guy appears to have his "dream" ripped right from under him as facsimilady vaccums up the remaining bags into her metallic hardrive.
  • Chipadilla's also appear to be both Facsimilady and Cold Finger's weaknesses. (Revealed in both episode two and episode twenty.)


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