Chief Roger
Cheif Roger
Name Chief Roger
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Fireman
Introduced in SheZap
Voiced by Taj Moore

Chief Roger is known as the top, successful high chief of the Megadale Fire Department. Featured in the episode; SheZap, Chief Roger is shown as the pushy, demanding commander of a group of "morons". 


Roger's appearance consists of;

  • A fireman uniform, with the classic charcoal base color, following by a set of yellow and silder horizontal lines along the chest, waist, forearms, and wrists. Along with vertical lines down the chest, overlapped by silver buckles.
  • A chief fire dept. helmet. With a large, gold star across the front and painted into the same base color as the jacket; charcoal.
  • Ebony colored pants, overlapped by the large fire dept. jacket.
  • Shoes to match the color scheme, into the style of work boots.
  • Light brown cloves, shown to be covering his hands. 


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