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Captain XL
Name Captain XL
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Super Hero
Introduced in Glamageddon
Voiced by Taj Moore

Captain XL alongside Uma Thermal , is one of the many superheroes who runs the Super Hero Action Gild, and is shown "inforcing the rules", and along with that; one of the members of the group XSELSOR. With his uptight partner in the Super Hero Action Gild, Captain XL tends to be the lay back kind of hero. Rather wanting to go out for a cheesburger than having to run into town to stop a boring hero! It's either go big or go home!


Captain XL's appearance consists of;

  • A large, foliage tint green bodysuit, with a large logo of his super hero name (Captain XL) across the chest, painted in a red and white color scheme.
  • A set of large white gloves, with a horizontal green line (in the tone of his bodysuit.) across the top.
  • A large pair of white boots, stretched and slimmed to a skin tight figure around his calves. With a streak of a vertical line down the inner sides.
  • A spinach colored, eye mask; Revealing his eyes and his curled, brocolli stock like hair.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Super Speed -Coming in to glamgdeon Enhanced Breath-Blowing away Uma Thermal in to a wall Super Strength-He caused a total Wave to make a bus come to shore just by a simple cannonball


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