Candy Rapper
Candy Rapper
Name Candy Rapper
Sex Male
Age N/A
Species Anthropomorphic Candy Bar
Milk Chocolate
Occupation Villain
Introduced in Mr. Nice Guy, Episode 29
Voiced by Dan Hamill

Candy Rapper is a candy themed villain, knowing to rap out random lyrics that come "with the flow"; he tends to keep to his Name! Being known as one of the former members of S.I.C.K, he "helps" alongside Mega Monkey , Mocktopus , Tara , and Spit Bubble


Candy Rapper's appearance consists of;

  • A purple wrapper, covering the "chocolate" abdomen and body.
  • Golden teeth, also know as Grillz. Golden plates that cover the front of the teeth.
  • Chocolate arms and hands, that are covered with an array of different accessories such as multiple Golden Diamond 20-Karrot rings (styled as both separate and multi-finger jewelry), a golden wrist band, and a golden wrist watch. (stating in S.I.C.K Day that "This bling is costing me a FORTUNE!")
  • He wears a pair of black shades, the shade being powerful enough to cover his eyes.
  •  Red shoes (most likely resembling Jays), with golden laces and toe caps, along with a gold patches on the heels.
  • Golden necklace, with a logo in diamonds of four circular dots. Along with a clock attached (similar to the rapper, Flava Flav).
  • A yellow sweat-band, wrapping his "forehead".


  • Candy rocks: Candy Rapper can throw candy rocks that are explode into a burst of sparks.