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Name Brouhaha
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Anthromorphic Fox
Occupation Villain
Introduced in Brouhaha
Voiced by Lyall Brooks
BrouHaHa is a trickster from the 1950's who likes to pull hilariously nasty pranks that effect the entire city of Megadale. His signature laugh is his name in the tune of "Shave and a Haircut"(Brou-ha-ha-HA-ha) It's very annoying, just the way he likes it.


Brouhaha's appearance consists of;

  • A short anthromorphic fox, with limbs replaced to the similarities of a puppet; wooden and with bendable joints.
  • White gloves, covering his palms and fingertips. 
  • A pair of red lederhosen, crossing across his stomach and above his shoulders. Ending in a pair of shorts that end just above the knees.
  • A blue, puffed out vest. Designed with both vertical and diagnal lines as the pattern.
  • A yellow short sleeved shirt, appearing to have puffed sleeves.
  • A plastic joke flower, the color scheme being purple and yellow. And is most likely used to squirt water in a victim's face.
  • A pair of brown (somewhat) work boots. Overlapping a pair of calve-high white socks, with a horizontal brown line aross the middle.
  • A large tuff at the top of his head; somewhat like a mohawk. Along with the color scheme of a dark orange and a off-white for his fur color. 


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