Big Chow Slim
Big Chow Slim
Big Chow Slim
Name Big Chow Slim
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Villain
Introduced in Fortune Kooky
Voiced by Justin Kennedy

Big Chow Slim is a Chinese obese underworld mob boss, the number one employer of all ninjas. He first appeared in the episode Fortune Kooky. He makes very slow entrances due to his weight slowing down the platform, and he owns his own fireworks factory. He attempted to steal the fortune away from Guy by kidnapping Rick. But when he needed Guy to signed his name on the fortune, Guy tricked him and signed the fortune to Rick the brick. At the end he blew up in the factory with a large number of fireworks.


Big Chow Slim's appearance consists of:

  • The color scheme of black and white, matching the over sized suit he usually wears.
  • A black dress shirt, of coarse overlapped by the large, oversized white coat. The cuffs slightly revealing themselves.
  • A bow tie, in an off white color.
  • A fedora, overlapping his neatly kept, ebony hair. With the color of white, with a black band wrapped around the base.
  • Black, slick dress shoes.
  • A small ring on his right pinkie. In the style of a red ruby gem.


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