Name Batty
Age Unknown
Species Hologram
Occupation Battery
Introduced in Unplugged
Shown to be the second party going, digital hologram of the group of three. Batty appears to be one of Sheila 's best friends and is featured in the episode Unplugged . Being supportive, and sort of a ditz towards Sheila; Batty is the type of "sit back and relax" type program!


Batty's appearance consists of;

  • A color scheme of a forest-like green and a dark shade of navy blue. Aligned in a horizontal like fashion.
  • A set of white negative and positive signs; The negative being placed at the bottom, and the positive being placed in the center of the forehead.
  • Positive symbols, use in place as eyes; in a similar shade to the bottom half of his body. Overlapped by a set of thick, ebony eyebrows.


  • Batty appears to have preformed the same action as Sheila; Shutting off (and/ or draining.) on their Super Hero/ Superheroine.


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