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Baby Scarington
Baby Scarington
Name Baby Scarington
Sex Female
Age Unknown
Species Monster
Baby Doll
Occupation Villain
Introduced in Guy n Doll
Voiced by Elizabeth Nabben

Baby Scarington is a monster baby doll with a face that's stiched, and represents all of Guy's worst nightmares. She first appeared in the episode Guy n Doll when Guy saw her under his blanket. She uses a voodoo doll to control Guy when it was Picture Day, causing him to make a fool of himself in front of his friends, including the principal, Principal Moorehead.


Baby scarington's appearance consists of;

  • A pink, ruff styled collar around her neck. Most likely attached to her swen up dress.
  • A short orange dress, sewn on similiar to a small doll's. With a burnt orange horizontal line across the middle of the waist.
  • A pair of large, black button eyes, Often squared in an angry fashion. 
  • Green (felt) skin, sewn up horizontally and vertically across her body; giving the main apppearance on her face. Along with a few strands of felt protruding from her head.
  • A pair of orange tights, most likely sewn into the skin of Baby Scarington's waist. Covering up her small, baby feet.

Weapons and Powers

  • Rattle: With this small, green, red, blue, and yellow device, it allows Baby Scarington to control and twist dreams with ease. (Also used for hitting people upside the head.)
  • Dream manipulation: Allows herself to attack any foe with their worst nightmare.


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