Name Aristotle
Sex Male
Age Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Billionare
Exotic Animal Collector
Introduced in Maz Junior
Voiced by Taj Moore
Aristotle is known as one of the biggest and richest men in Megadale. Appearing to be the owner a ton of exotic, exstinct animals, along with owning his own building; along with the whole block around it. First introduced in the episode Maz Junior ; Aristotle tries his best to steal and kidnap Maz 's new friend away from both him and Guy, vefore transforming into SheZow to stop him.

Only earning a miserable defeat, and broken down limo, Aristotle walks away with a shower of shame over himself.


Aristotle's appearance consists of;

  • A two piece, navy blue body suit. In a tuxedo like style.
  • A white dress shirt, overlapped by the buttoned up jacket.
  • A black tie, in a Full Windosor Knot style.
  • Navy blue pants, to match the overlapping jacket.
  • Black dress shoes, with a streak of a white shine across them.
  • Slick, neatly kept ebony hair. Styled in a neat manner.
  • An ebony, The Carnie styled mustache. With a small, pointed soulpatch on his lower lip to match.


  • Jet-along Boots: Giving him the ability to fly with the single press of a button. Which causes SheZow to bitterly point out.


  • His complete name is: Aristotle Eftahew lll


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