Flora Hamdon
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Name Flora Hamdon
Sex Female
Age N/A (Deceased)
Species Human (Homosapien)
Occupation Super-Heroine
Relatives Guy Hamdon
Kelly Hamdon
Agnes Monroe
Droosha Hamdon
Boxter Hamdon
Cowgirl SheZow
Roman SheZow
Introduced in Family Tree, episode 12
1920s SheZow (Flapper Girl), or formally known as Flora Hamdon. Revealing to both Guy and Maz after finding out about Guy being her "future niece". Was known as the rooten-tootinest, kick butt hero for her time. Being able to stop multiple enemies with a hault, or with the whip that was used as an accessory that's located on top of her head.

Being deceased, over time the costume had taken a change to fit into current society fashion.


SheZow's appearance consists of;

  • Of course, the SheZow Glamazon Power Ring on her right index finger.
  • Pink, wavy hair with an ebony tiny on the bottoms. Similar to Guy and Kelly's mother, Droosha 's hairstyle.
  • A Glamrock studded head band, the large gem placing a feather in it's place.
  • A long long necklace with small, black, circular beads. The top part ending straight above the breasts, and dangling down after the waist. 
  • A pair of light pink, latex gloves that even near the elbows. The same pair wor by the current SheZow (Guy).
  • The Beautility Belt, covered in a color scheme of pink and black. The beautility belt holds an arsenal of fighting gadgets. Similiar to the current SheZow's, just slightly positioned differently.
  • A pair of black, knee high, high heel boots, color being an ebony black.
  • A thigh length, pink dress with a shredded, pointed bottom. And set of black straps holding the SheZow S emblem in place,


  • It appears when Maz and Guy first arrive to the 1920s, Flapper Girl SheZow has the ability to fly. Which Guy bitterly points out. ("She can FLY?! How come I can't fly!?")
  • Flora looks exactly like Kelly, including hair and facial features.

Weapons and PowersEdit

  • Glamrock Whip: With a slight jerk, SheZow can pull the weapon know as her head band from it's place. Forming it into a whip with ease.
  • Flight: Bitterly pointed out by Guy (SheZow), 1920s SheZow has the ability to soar.